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      September 2011 > Andalucia to Iceland part 12: The Thatch

Andalucia to Iceland part 12: The Thatch

Suddenly Germany turns into Denmark. It’s amazing how a social landscape changes just because you cross an invisible line. Just as Holland has such a distinct identity, so does Denmark. We take the first back road we see, which leads us to a picturesque and unexpected scene. A hamlet of thatched cottages clustered around a plain church of simple, strong design – stone walls and a square, white tower, topped with a pointed roof of wooden cladding. Beyond stretches a Danish version of the Norfolk broads: low, lumpy moorland, edged by dunes and the ocean and broken by lagoons, streams and canals. Delightfully empty, with hardly a car on the road. What a relief after Hamburg’s motorways!

Passing a Danish church
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