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      September 2010 > Our unluckiest customers ever?

Our unluckiest customers ever?

Chris and Mary Goward on SamosHolidays should be filled with relaxation, interest and - above all - enjoyment, so please spare a thought for our unluckiest ever customers. Chris and Mary Goward have been trying to arrange their first Inntravel holiday for quite some time now, and it must have seemed - on occasion - as though it was never going to happen!

People say that ‘trouble comes in threes’… well, we couldn’t quite believe it when we heard that Mr and Mrs Goward, through no fault of their own - or indeed of ours, we might add - had been the victim of no less than three separate issues.

Karlovassi,SamosFirst came the tragic floods and resultant landslides on Madeira back in February, which put paid to the couple’s plans to spend a week walking the levadas on this magical ‘floating island garden’. Next, unfortunately, came the massive disruption to travel plans caused by the Icelandic volcano (can anyone still remember its name?), which unfortunately put their plans on ice once again. Then, just as all natural phenomena seemed to be under control, and a holiday on Samos was being keenly anticipated, came the recent and well-publicised collapse of a flight operator, which affected - yes, you’ve guessed it - the Gowards’ flights once again.

Surely there cannot have been an unluckier pair of holidaymakers in Britain this year, when it comes to having their best-laid plans upset? It is therefore with some relief that we can now confirm that Mr and Mrs Goward’s holiday to Samos is now going ahead after all. This has not been without some effort on their behalf, mind you. Indeed, so keen are they to finally enjoy their Inntravel holiday that they have purchased a separate holiday package from a high street operator, purely so that they can use the flights to get to and from our chosen hotels.

We’re sure you’ll agree that this merits full marks for sheer determination and perseverance, so we will be treating the couple to a chilled bottle of bubbly at their first hotel - once they finally arrive!

Beautiul Samos

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