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      October 2011

Whooper SwansThe next morning, we wake up to a pale blue sky and complete calm. The storm has passed. The distant landscape is still looking a bit smudged, though, which is bad news for Linda’s photography. A blue sky is bad enough for her (boring!), but combined with a hazy atmosphere... However, she consoles herself with the thought of close-up photography of waterfalls, and anyway we’re both pleased not to be walking in an ash-storm.

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Icelandic campervanMy arms are aching. I’m hanging onto the steering wheel for all I’m worth, as the van has taken on a life of its own. It’s swaying from side to side as we cross a black desert in a gale. Everywhere are whirlwinds of ash, and the mountain landscape has taken on a dark, smudged, indistinct brooding look. We are travelling out of season and experiencing weather that, luckily, the Inntravellers won’t have to put up with...
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Helen and Rob picking sloes, YorkshireIt’s very warm here at the moment – as I believe it is right across the UK – and I’m sure I’ve just seen a Mohawk raiding party leaving Malton! Must have been the heat-haze, but this weather makes me long for the summer we never really had – oh, to wander down quiet lanes, picking fruits from the burgeoning hedgerows beneath a gloriously hot sun and deep blue sky.

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