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      October 2011 > Andalucia to Iceland part 20: Homeward bound

Andalucia to Iceland part 20: Homeward bound

David walking in IcelandThe van has developed a squeak – well, more of a screech – when I change gear. After all these kilometres (about 5000). Good job Linda’s not here to hear it! I suspect the ash, and call in at a local garage – the mechanic is the usual blond, lanky, easy-going, grinning, shoulder-shrugging person we have grown to know and love in Iceland. It hardly seems the moment to take the gear-box apart, two hours before getting on the ferry, so he tips some oil into it.

See how it goes’, he says. ‘You got here from Skatftafell all right – no reason why you shouldn’t get to Spain.’

I don’t see the logic of this. In fact, it all sounds familiarly Andalucian to me. There they say: ’Don’t worry! Everything has a solution – except death!’ Here I feel the guy is saying: ‘Don’t worry – a volcano could go off tomorrow!’

I drive around a bit, changing gear – it does sound a bit better. Icelanders get ash in all their machinery, from tractors to dish-washers, and have to live with it. And I’m lucky enough to be leaving the ash behind... I head down to the dock.

The 'Monsters' are back! I’d forgotten about them – no, not rising out of the fjord - but campervan monsters. When we’d lined up for the ferry in Denmark we’d found ourselves alongside campervans that made ours look very babyish indeed. Imagine a cross between a Securicor van and a tank - impenetrable boxes, like giant safes on tractor wheels and so high off the ground that a small child could just walk underneath them.

Dramatic landscapes of IcelandThese are very serious campervans for very serious landscapes - deserts and other wildernesses, such as Iceland’s where, if you want to get up into the Highlands, you have to cross very deep rivers. Once off the ferry in Iceland, you never see these monsters again – they don’t do the ring road, they just crawl up into the Highlands like giant beetles. Now they’re back and I park my flimsy vehicle alongside them, feeling that I’m not a real Adventurer at all.

There’s a great Visitors’ Centre alongside the port, with free coffee and Wi-Fi. I get on line and have a lovely surprise – my opera singer from the Camino de Santiago in the Basque Country has written (see Blog part 9: Opera and Flamenco). And at this very moment, like me, is heading for Denmark – to wind-surf. I arrange to meet him and feel very happy about the first part of my journey.

After meeting him, I can’t really plan an intricate route through the back-roads of the next four countries without a co-pilot. I’ll just make sure that every morning I have the sun to my left, at midday ahead of me and every evening to my right. That way I should end up in Spain. Or Italy...

The vans ahead of me are moving. Looks like we’re rolling on. Farewell, Majestic Iceland!
Waterfall, Iceland

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