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      October 2010 > An engaging time in Slovenia

An engaging time in Slovenia

VeniceWe’ve recently returned from a trip to the Balkans - with a wonderful stop-over in Venice on the way there - to visit our hoteliers and get a feel for the regions our walking holidays in Slovenia explore. Two younger colleagues, Craig and Elizabeth, and I were guided by Inntravel’s irrepressible agent for Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, the ever-smiling, enthusiastic Carla.

In Venice, we had a hard time dragging Elizabeth away from the handsome gondoliers - well, there’s only so many times you need to ask directions - while it amused my colleagues no end when I piled my plate high with what looked like an innocuous enough fish mousse, but turned out to be one of the richest, creamiest, fishiest dishes I have ever tasted.

Hotel KotnikAfter a day in Ljubljana, we moved on to Kranjska Gora in the north, undoubtedly one of the country’s most beautiful regions (see below). Here, we had dinner at the superb Hotel Kotnik where we relaxed over a delicious feast of traditional Slovenian dishes. Happily sated, we sat and watched the world go by from the restaurant terrace, reflecting on what a wonderful country this is.  

As we chatted, a lady carrying a very large pink cake approached the table next to ours and wished one of the diners there a ‘Happy birthday!’ In a moment of madness - possibly caused by the consumption of several very refreshing Slovenian beers - I leapt up, shook the lady’s hand and congratulated her on her birthday. She and her husband, and their friends, all beamed brightly and shook our hands in turn in thanks. And so the party began…

BBirthday cake in Sloveniaefore we knew it, Carla, with a mischievous glint in her eye, told this friendly group that it was, coincidentally, my birthday today as well. I tried to explain that it was actually in April, but it was too late - our new found friends enthusiastically burst into song, wishing me and Birthday Girl a ‘Happy Birthday!’ I almost choked on my drink when they then thanked me and ‘my wife’ (Carla) and ‘our daughter’ (Elizabeth) with ‘her husband’ (Craig) for our good wishes!

No amount of explaining would make them understand - and Carla just went with the flow! It made no difference as far as our friends were concerned. Carla and I were hitched. “And this is your daughter and her husband?” asked Birthday Girl. Elizabeth immediately objected! “No! No!” she cried, ‘This is not my husband. We are not married…I am engaged!” Well that did it!  The word ‘engaged’ echoed round the restaurant and before we knew it champagne corks were popping and everyone was wishing ‘the happy couple’ well!


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