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      November 2014 > Universal recognition for Las Alpujarras

Universal recognition for Las Alpujarras

"It’s not every morning that you wake up to discover that you are now a candidate to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site, though that is precisely what happened to us this week.  Well, not to us exactly, but to the Alpujarras, the wonderful corner of Spain which has been our home for the past sixteen years.

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And it’s great news. Not only will the local authorities be given more powers to curb unwanted, non-traditional development, but the area is also likely to receive plenty of extra publicity. Even more important, though, is the boost it will give to local pride and good feeling, the sense that finally the rest of the world might be beginning to wake up and appreciate just how lovely and special this remote part of Granada is.

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We believe that one of the most charming things about these lonely, high villages is that the people here are largely unaware of – or rather take for granted – the sublime peace and beauty of their surroundings. After all, what’s so special about 10,000 feet high snow-topped peaks, flower-laden terraces, white villages, gushing streams, an abundance of wildlife, pure, crystalline air and vast, empty, unlimited views into the beyond? Surely everyone has access to these ‘basics’? Ditto the amazing food, the friendly faces, the traditions, the 300 days of sunshine, the slow pace of life, the calm. Now, why on Earth would anyone want to come here simply for that?

It is for these reasons that the Report that accompanies our candidature is so welcome. It underlines all of the above and recognises that the unique and wonderful way of life here is as fragile as it is attractive, and therefore worthy of international recognition and protection. With luck, Las Alpujarras will be successful with the bid, and become only the second area of mainland Spain to receive such an accolade (the other being the Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park in the Pyrenees).

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In the meantime, life goes on unchanged. So, if ever you fancy spending time here getting to know the area then just let us know. At Las Chimeneas, we pride ourselves on being able to offer genuine insights into this alluring and vulnerable environment because we ourselves are fully immersed within it. We have cookery & walking weeks, wine tasting, olive picking, walking holidays with gentle treks or high-level ascents,  history lectures, and, of course, our hilarious weeks with our friend and famous ambassador to the Alpujarras, author and raconteur, Chris Stewart."

Self guided walking holidays in Spain

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