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The way we see...

Seeing David Grech's sketches of the Lofoten Islands in Norway brought back fond memories of my time there a few years ago. I was enthralled by the dramatic landscapes and took every opportunity to photograph every scene I saw – quite difficult when you are trying to get from A to B – or should that be, from B to Å. The weather was particularly kind during my stay and I was very pleased with my efforts – one of which I notice was taken from exactly the same spot from which David sketched the village of Hamnøy. But when I placed David's evocative impression next to my photograph (below) it made it seem quite clinical and far less atmospheric, though the setting is equally dramatic.

However, with a generous amount of 'tweaking', it is possible to create more of a mood with photographs simply by removing, saturating or changing the amount of colour or hue in the picture. It's very easy to create a traditional black and white picture, an old-fashioned looking sepia print, or a more robust colour photograph, each of which has its own character, as illustrated below. We all see things differently. Which view inspires you?

Self-guided walking holidays in Norway

Self-guided walking holidays in Norway

Self-guided walking holidays in Norway

Self-guided walking holidays in Norway

Self-guided walking holidays in Norway

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David Grech
One of the advantages of sketching is that you can choose what to put in and, more importantly, what to leave out. In my sketch of the Lofotens there was nothing particular that I wanted to omit (no telegraph wires or intrusive cars), but I wanted to focus on the 'architecture' of the mountains and the traditional Norwegian buildings with their very characteristic dark reddish-brown paintwork. I then included a few similar coloured highlights - the fenders and the hull of the fishing boat, but actively sought to avoid introducing other colours. My sketch was done at a similar time of year to Peter's photo, but had the lighting been different, the mountains might have appeared more in silhouette, or maybe a dark shadow striking diagonally across the mountains, which might have added some drama to the view.
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