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      May 2013 > Nepal, 60 years on...

Nepal, 60 years on...

Everyone knows the story. Exactly 60 years ago today (May 29 1953), while Britain was in the midst of coronation fever, two men walked the last few feet onto the summit of the highest mountain in the world. Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary were the first to do so and their names have passed into legend.

The announcement came a few days later, on the day that Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, and celebrations are taking place this week in Nepal and in the UK to commemorate their momentous achievement – Hillary's son Peter, and Norgay's son Jamling, both now mountaineers, will join the Queen at a diamond jubilee event at the Royal Geographical Society in London on Wednesday.

Since that 1953 expedition, technical developments in equipment and the use of fixed ropes and ladders in certain places have seen the number of ‘summiters’ reach 3000 people with a staggering 234 climbers reaching the peak on a single day in 2012. This has even led to unbelievable queues of mountaineers waiting in line to get to the top as the mountain increasingly becomes the target for those with the required capital, though not necessarily the right ethos, to reach the top.

But where is the romance? Where is the true spirit of adventure? Where is the joy of getting off the beaten track and making your own discoveries, exploring lesser-known regions and enjoying chance encounters with local people you come across in an isolated rural community rather than following the crowds?

Tenzing and Hillary would be saddened by this sight – this is not what climbing in the Himalayas should be about. And it’s not what Inntravel’s new walking holidays in Nepal are about, either. Later this year, we shall be announcing a new holiday (in partnership with Village Ways) in the foothills of the Nepalese Himalayas.

Walking holidays in Nepal

In a country renowned for the world’s most spectacular and challenging treks, you will soon have the chance to experience a side of Nepal that is very much off the tourist trail. To the east of Kathmandu, in an upland area at around 2,000 metres in altitude, three communities in the Sailung district – Salambu, Tek Singh and Pasiban – are currently renovating and constructing guesthouses while eagerly anticipating their first visitors later this year. With fine walking through terraced farms and wonderful mixed forest – offering breathtaking mountain views and interaction with enchanting communities – this is an opportunity not to be missed.

Call us now on 01653 617033 or email to register your interest, and keep an eye on our website for further details.

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