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      March 2013 > Living in the Apennines

Living in the Apennines

Inntravel’s Carla Lenzi, who lives in the beautiful Apennine Mountains of northern Italy and who helps to devise many of our routes, takes time out to share a few impressions of her home region…

My 7.30 alarm is my personal trainer, Jack, who calls me every morning to go for a walk.  From my home, we cross over a road to enter a wide track that is the final part of the first walk of our "Secret Apennines" holiday that links our first hotel in Porretta Terme to the first mountain hotel at Lizzano in Belvedere.

Roe DeerWe descend to the river then climb up until we can see in the distance Mount Corno alle Scale, that with its 1,945-metre peak is the highest in our province and is the final destination of our holiday. Along the path Jack and I often meet deer and roe deer – he is very attracted to them – but we also often notice tracks from the elusive wolf. All of them have found their perfect habitat in the protected area of the Corno alle Scale Regional Park. During our 7-night holiday, the walk takes Inntravel customers to the wildest areas of the Park, truly delightful hamlets such as Monteacuto (close to the atmospheric village of Pianaccio), and the mountain village of Vidiciatico at the end. From here, the most challenging paths of the week lead to the spectacular waterfalls of the Dardagna river or up to the top of Corno alle Scale, offering the most breathtaking views.

This is also a perfect area for walkers, an untouristy region where hospitality and gastronomy are the two Tortellini and winewords that fit most naturally, and it is well-known throughout Italy for this. What could be better deserved than a good meal after a whole day of satisfying walking out on the trails? Our family-owned hotels are ideal places for a gourmand: delicious home cooking such as tortellini or tortelloni; hand-made pasta with Bolognese sauce (the real one!); and also mountain specialities made with chestnut flour, all accompanied by the best Emilian and Tuscan wines. And the perfect combination of good cuisine and hospitality is the Cookery Course our hoteliers offer for a week in May when, at the beginning of the season, they can give you their full care and attention as you become part of the family in preparing your meals with them in their kitchen.

I think I am very lucky to live here but also to have a good trainer. So who is Jack, you might be wondering? He’s my half-beagle and half-I-don’t-know dog!

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Sounds like a great lifestyle to me!
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