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      March 2013 > How I met Inntravel…

How I met Inntravel…

Walking holidays in PortugalSara Serrão (right), owner of Cerca do Sul on Portugal’s Costa Vicentina, tells us how she was first introduced to Inntravel:

One day, I was at my small B&B, Cerca do Sul (below), located on the captivating Costa Vicentina when a nice British couple – he looked like a distracted scientist and she with hippy-style long white hair – popped in asking if my house was a guesthouse. I said ‘yes’, and they introduced themselves as David and Linda, who were researching a coastal walking holiday in Portugal for the British travel company, Inntravel. David was writing the walking notes and Linda was taking pictures.

That was the beginning of a friendly business relationship which has proved to be pleasant for all the parties involved: for myself at Cerca do Sul, my fellow hoteliers on the coast, the Slow Holiday operator Inntravel, and our walking guests. They started visiting this coastline in 2011, becoming more and more numerous and now making the Along the Costa Vicentina (below) a real ‘bestseller’!

Walking holidays in PortugalI've experienced several impressions with this collaboration with Inntravel but the number one is that people who walk are usually really nice people, ready to appreciate the beauty of simple things, generously willing to value the smallest detail on their holiday.

Yet I am not surprised; I, too, like walking. I find it similar to ‘active meditation’ and a perfect antidote for stress and blues …and far cheaper than going to a psychologist!

Impression number two was finding out that Inntravel is one of the few companies I know with such loyal and repeat customers.

It's amazing how Inntravel manages to reach its target audience with the right type of holiday; it's admirable how the customers perceive them to be trustful and reliable; and it's no surprise to hear people saying that they've travelled with Inntravel more than five, ten, or even fifteen times!

Another "X factor" that has struck me is that, as a tour operator, Inntravel doesn't make things overly complicated: they came here, ‘did their homework’, started sending me bookings, managed the transfers, paid us when they said they would (very important these days!) so that everything runs smoothly within a nice and friendly atmosphere. For me personally, as an independent traveller, too, I rarely rely on a tour operator to book a holiday – but I'm now seriously thinking about booking with Inntravel one of these days!
Walking holidays in Portugal

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