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      March 2013 > How a cove got its name

How a cove got its name

The placenames of this Atlantic Coast province conjure up images from its rich past, when bold, intrepid Scottish settlers first arrived to explore the wild and dramatic land of the Míkmaq*.

Today, as you drive along the coastal highway between Prospect Bay overlooking Wreck Island, and Indian Harbour via Clam Pond, you come to a small side road that leads down to one of the prettiest coves in southern Nova Scotia.

You pass pastel coloured wooden houses scattered haphazardly across the boulder-strewn landscape, a small church with a tall red spire, inviting looking craft shops, even a British red telephone box outside the Sou’Wester restaurant – and, everywhere, overturned boats, faded orange buoys and piles of discarded nets. This is Peggy’s Cove, a picturesque fishing village that boasts one of the most photographed lighthouses in North America.

Ask one of the old fishermen how Peggy's Cove got its name, and he’ll be happy to tell you the story of a doomed schooner that was wrecked on Halibut Rock off Lighthouse Point, in a wild southeaster one dark October night many moons ago. The ship ran hard aground with high waves washing her decks and sweeping the crew into the boiling seas. Everyone on board was lost except one woman, who somehow managed to survive the turbulent waves and swim ashore. She was rescued by local people and settled in the village. Her name was Margaret, ‘Peggy’, and she later married one of the Cove fishermen. The people from neighbouring villages would come and visit ‘Peggy of the Cove’, and before long they began to call the place Peggy's Cove. No-one actually knows if this story is true – but no-one can refute it either!

Learning about the myths and legends of this dramatic land is all part of the real Nova Scotia Experience.

[*Mikmaq – Nova Scotia’s First Nations people]

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