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      March 2013

Walking holidays in PortugalSara Serrão, owner of Cerca do Sul on Portugal’s Costa Vicentina, tells us how she was first introduced to Inntravel:

One day, I was at my small B&B, Cerca do Sul, located on the captivating Costa Vicentina when a nice British couple – he looked like a distracted scientist and she with hippy-style long white hair – popped in asking if my house was a guesthouse... Read the full post
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It’s claimed to be the most bike-friendly city in the world and, with cycle lanes on virtually every street, hundreds of bike hire companies, respectful car drivers and trains that are geared up to take you and your bike, it’s a hard claim to refute. Read the full post
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The placenames of this Atlantic Coast province conjure up images from its rich past, when intrepid Scottish settlers first arrived to explore the wild and dramatic land of the Míkmaq. Today, as you drive along the coastal highway between Prospect Bay and Indian Harbour, you come to a small side road that leads down to one of the prettiest coves in southern Nova Scotia. Read the full post
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Carla LenziInntravel’s Carla Lenzi, who lives in the beautiful Apennine Mountains of northern Italy and who helps to devise many of our routes, takes time out to share a few impressions of her home region…

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