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      March 2012 > Pst! Is your pasta missing an important ingredient?

Pst! Is your pasta missing an important ingredient?

Staff at the Hotel Antica Locanda Alpina, ItalyRewarding walks followed by a dinner of traditional regional cuisine in the Pennines? Well, it just has to be Yorkshire pudding and gravy with a fine pint of Best Bitter at the welcoming Huntsman Inn on the moors above Holmfirth.

Their website says, “The traditional bar welcomes guests to taste our fine JW Lees ales - and enjoy a hearty bar meal after a day's walking on the moors.” Count me in!

Sounds just the ticket for… what? Oh, I thought you said ‘Pennines’. (I didn’t think we had a holiday in West Yorkshire.) Anyone could make that mistake, after all the Apennines aren’t that different… or are they?

Making pasta, Emilia Romagna, ItalyAs much as I love walking on the starkly beautiful moors of northern England - and popping into a traditional English pub after my walk - there’s something magical about exploring the little-known mountains of the Corno alle Scale Regional Park on a walking holiday in Italy.

Here, you’ll discover traditional villages clustering beneath the dramatic peaks of the Alto Appennino Bolognese, from where inviting paths lead through thick, majestic woodland of beech, oak and chestnut, rich in wildlife and flowers.

And, after a rewarding day in the hills, what better way to relax than with a dinner of fine regional dishes – particularly if you have had a hand in creating those dishes under the expert guidance of a skilled chef?

The excellent gastronomy of the Apennines is based around pasta, cured meats, fish from the rivers, bread made from chestnut flour, and, in season, wild mushrooms, truffles and chestnuts – and you can learn how to cook all these on a special “walk, cook and eat” week this May.

The hoteliers from Inntravel's Secret Apennines walk.For your first gastronomic lesson, Giorgio Gasparini, your ebullient host at the Hotel Il Fondaccio in Lizzano, will teach you how to prepare meat (he’s an expert butcher) for an Italian classic, Bolognese sauce.

In Vidiciatico, Bruno and Piera Bartolomei will enthusiastically guide you through the art of making that most Italian of dishes, pasta, in all its various shapes and sizes.

While, for dessert, the charming mother and daughters of the Gentilini family (see top picture) at the Antica Locanda Alpina in Pianaccio, will show you how using locally grown chestnuts can create mouth-watering cakes and desserts.

Buon appetito! (or, "Get stuck in!", as they say where I come from.)

Walking holiday in the Apennines. Italy

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