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      June 2012 > Wind in the willows

Wind in the willows

Walking holidays in SuffolkWandering along the riverbank today, I suddenly noticed something darting frenetically among the grasses and reeds beside the path. I have to say that I was quite surprised when I realised it was a mole - but was he lost or simply looking for Ratty? I'm actually writing the walking notes for new UK short walking break - but I'm not allowed to tell you where it is yet...

However, as I continued beneath willow trees that hung gracefully over banks where Ratty no doubt lived, I felt as if I was walking through the magical landscapes created by the mind of Kenneth Graham.

I'd seen a badger sett; a grass snake swimming across a dyke; several frogs (Mr Toad?) and plenty of fox tracks - OK, so they may have been Labradors or lerchers, but who's splitting hares?.

Walking holidays in SuffolkI suppose you might describe this landscape as 'bucolic', though to me that sounds like a cross between 'colic' and the 'bubonic plague'! Far from it, in fact I'd say this area is 'quintessentially English' but I said that about the Cotswolds and I need a new adjective. Evocative? Bucolic? Enchanting? Beautiful?

I followed a slow moving river from B to B (not A to B) through shady woods and immense green fields lush of healthy crops that gently swayed in the breeze; I'd stumbled upon a long-forgotten World War Two airfields and seen black-eared hares sprinting away before me; I'd stopped at neat villages of pastel-coloured thatched cottages around tidy greens; and I stared up at an ornate church tower – that stands apart from its church (right).

Walking holidays in SuffolkI came across a field full of old cold war jet aeroplanes that looked like they had just returned from a close encounter; in the middle of nowhere I found a wonderful brewery in an old medieval hall (below) - and to top it all, I even got a lift to an Indian restaurant in an authentic rickshaw!

This is a truly delightful part of England - so much to see; so many surprises round each corner and perfect for leisurely walking.

Where am I? You'll have to watch this space - unless you've worked it out...

Walking holidays in Suffolk

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