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      June 2012 > Our unsung heroes

Our unsung heroes

Walking holidays in MallorcaI recently posted a short piece in praise of the guides who will see you safely through the forested foothills of the Himalayas in northern India. I should have included our guides in Morocco, too, as they also receive consistently high praise, but their time will come. I now want to bring to your attention another group of unsung heroes without whom our walking and cycling holidays simply could not function – our fleet of taxi drivers.

These hard-working individuals are employed to collect you from the airport, to take you to your first hotel, to transport your luggage so that you can enjoy the walking, to collect you when it’s all over and to take you back to the airport in time to catch your plane home.

That’s what we ask them to do – but many go way beyond the call of duty and offer a much more comprehensive service as exemplified by the following customer story:

Walking holidays in MallorcaOur flight had been somewhat delayed and we were naturally concerned about meeting our taxi. It was dark and it was our first time on Mallorca. Hoping that our taxi would still be waiting for us, we wandered onto the concourse where we noticed an elderly couple holding a sign with our name on it. As we crossed over to them, they began to smile encouragingly and indicated that we should follow them into the café where they bought us a cup of coffee.

Although my Spanish is not perfect, I soon understood that we should remain here until our taxi arrived. It turned out that these were the parents of the taxi driver, the wonderful Antonio Horrach. He had been so concerned that he might not get back to the airport in time to greet us (because of our late flight, he’d been called away on another job), that he had sent his parents to reassure us that he was on his way. Now that’s what I call service!”

These self-employed men and women, who can be found in all our destinations, do not go unnoticed by those who they welcome. Some have been ferrying Inntravel guests around for so long now that they have become integral cogs in the well-oiled Inntravel machine, like Señor Horrach, (pictured above right, with his family) who looks after guests on our walking holidays to Mallorca. They know who you are, they know where you want to go, and they know the sort of information you’re going to need.

When we create a holiday, it’s very important, therefore, that we choose the right people to greet you, and on our new walking holiday in Greece, Corfu’s West Coast, we believe we have found a couple of gems who are already receiving favourable comments from you: Dr R of Essex told us, “I must mention the taxis – prompt service and very friendly drivers!”, and Mrs L. of London concurred “We must also tell you that both taxi services were excellent – extremely pleasant and helpful.”

The men in question are Vangelis Rouvas and Jimmy Sarakinos, who have very quickly adopted the Inntravel way of thinking and take great pride in carefully transporting you around their island home. And don’t think for a second that they’ll be picking you up in a rusty old heap of indeterminate age and origin. Oh no, Vangelis and Jimmy drive gleaming silver saloon cars, with an instantly recognizable three-pointed star on the bonnet, which apparently represents its dominion over land, sea and air – well, over the west coast of Corfu anyway.

Our taxi drivers soon get to know Inntravel – and our customers – well, and help to ensure that everything will run like clockwork once you’re away. Just ask them, they'll know the perfect place to sit awhile as you admire your idyllic surroundings.  ( here on the coast of Corfu, below.)
walking holidays in Greece

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