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      June 2011

Red feathers, TenerifeWell, it's the end of day two – and what a day it's been! A startling contrast to the green pine forests of yesterday. Let's face it, no trip to Tenerife would be complete without a drive up through the mist cloud into the crater for a walk amid the amazing lunar landscapes of desert sands, lava flows, erratic boulders and multi-coloured rock formations. However, what delighted and surprised me most was that the tall, fern-like plants which I had only ever seen in skeletal form before are now in full bloom. Read the full post
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Green TenerifeI've just arrived in Tenerife and like many people driving from the airport up the east coast, it gives the appearance of being a stark, barren island of desert and ancient lava flows. However, head around the corner and along the north coast towards the eastern tip and you will see a land coated in dense green forest. This is, in the main, due to a band of cloud that comes in off the sea every day, bringing badly needed moisture to the hills that sweep down into the sea from the looming summit of El Teide. Read the full post
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Whenever a friend tells me they’re off to Paris, I feel a pang of jealousy. I make no bones about it – I love the French capital: wandering the streets of the Marais or Saint Germain, taking a stroll through the Jardins de Luxembourg, sampling M. Berthillon’s delicious ice creams on the Île Saint-Louis, and – of course – all those wonderful brasseries…

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Bridge near La Brigue, FranceBridges have been a part of human existence for millennia, from rough-hewn logs laid across streams by our prehistoric ancestors to the 21st-century Qingdao Haiwan Bridge in China, currently the world’s longest bridge at 26.4 miles. Whenever you travel, whether by rail, car, bike or on foot, you will probably cross at least one bridge every day and yet not give it a second thought. 

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Sunrise over TenerifeAlmost exactly one year ago, on 8 June 2010, we posted our first blog on this website. Since then we have told you about bird-watching in India; Jonathan’s trip to the Faroe Islands; the beautiful landscapes of Yorkshire; Steve’s experiences ‘netwalking’; a staff research trip to Slovenia; underground cities in Edinburgh and Turkey ... Read the full post
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