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      June 2011 > Twelve months of blogging

Twelve months of blogging

Almost exactly one year ago, on 8 June 2010, we posted our first blog on this website. Since then we have told you about bird-watching in India; Jonathan’s trip to the Faroe Islands; the beautiful landscapes of Yorkshire; Steve’s experiences ‘netwalking’; a staff research trip to Slovenia; underground cities in Edinburgh and Turkey; TV’s Julia Bradbury in Bavaria; blue skies in Alicante; reminiscences about a honeymoon in Sicily; our new UK walk in Shropshire; exploring the Great War sites of Flanders, and discovering wonderful gardens in Italy – plus a host of other stories that we hope you have found interesting and made you want to learn more.

We've tried to vary the content, from promoting new holidays and destinations, to giving you an insight into how our holidays are organised and researched. These stories have hopefully helped you learn a little bit more about the human side of Inntravel - who we are and what we do, not just at work but in our spare time, too. We are as enthusiastic as ever about our holidays and our destinations - so keep an eye out for more inspirational and aspirational holiday ideas. And don't be shy about letting us know what you think about any aspects of holidays you have enjoyed with us. We love hearing from you... Mortsund, Lofoten Islands, Norway

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