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      June 2011 > Live from Tenerife - day 2

Live from Tenerife - day 2

mist cloud TenerifeWell, it's the end of day two – and what a wonderful day it's been! After walking in the dense green pine forests of La Orotava yesterday, today has been a complete contrast, which let's face it, is what makes Tenerife – and especially the north – such a great place to go walking. So I drove up through the cloud (seen here, on the left, from the summit of El Teide) and into the crater for a walk amid the amazing lunar landscapes of desert sands, lava flows, erratic boulders and multi-coloured rock formations. I knew it would be hot, as the massive caldera of Tenerife is a huge sun trap – El Teide itself is just a 'small' pimple on the rim of a far greater crater.


red ferns of tenerifeHowever, what delighted and surprised me most was that the tall, fern-like plants which I had only ever seen in skeletal form before are now in full bloom. And they're red.... which I have to say came as something of a shock. As I write this – dining on local chanterelle mushrooms drizzled with white truffle sauce – I cannot remember the name of this majestic plant – can someone help me out? They are scattered everywhere, apparently increasing in numbers since grazing was forbidden in the national park.

My first walk would take me to the highest point in Spain – the summit of El Teide. But first I had to get the cable car to within a 200m walk up to the very top – well, you didn't think I was going to walk all the way up! I have to confess I'd had some misgivings about my ability, especially when the ranger told me I had just 1 hour 20 minutes to get to the summit and back. (I must also point out that you need a permit to go to the summit – it's free and can be arranged online before you travel. For conservation reasons, numbers are limited and you cannot just take the cable car and suddenly decide to go up.)

Anyway, I surprised myself and was seated on the top enjoying the amazing views in only 35 minutes. On a clear day, you can see the curvature of the Earth, but it was too cloudy today though the view – shown below – was inspirational.

Back on 'terra firma', I walked round the 'Rocky Garcias' – a remarkable collection of towering rock formations in the heart of the caldera – it was rather hot but well worth the effort.

view from el teide; tenerife
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I don’t commonly add comments to any kind of content online, but this article deserves my attention. For what it’s worth, you’ve done a fantastic job of getting across your points.
04/10/2011 06:59:26

Kay D'Souza
I think it must be the Red Viper’s Bugloss!
14/06/2011 10:58:14

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