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      June 2011 > Live from Tenerife - day 4

Live from Tenerife - day 4

Masca Gorge TenerifeThe main purpose of my colleagues and I being sent to our holiday destinations is to do our best to make sure that everything is organised so that when you arrive on your holiday all the pieces will fall into place and everything will run smoothly. However, there is one thing that we cannot organise, pre-order or arrange – and that's the weather, as I found out, much to my frustration, today. My plan was to rewalk our Teno Alto route in the far north-west of the island, somewhere I'd not been before and I was looking forward to enjoying the views over this rugged corner. When I awoke, it was dull and breezy, yet warm and dry so I set off as planned for El Palmar, a small hill village just along the coast.
As I started walking I noted that the mountains up to my left were in brilliant sunshine beneath a dazzling blue sky. Sadly, I was going up into the mountains to my right which were shrouded in thick swirling mist. An hour and a half later I stood at the start of the ridge and, having spent many happy years walking in the English Lake District, a little bit of mist wasn't going to put me off. The gale force winds were quite another matter! I've never landed in any trouble in the hills and I know when it's time to turn back – even though this can be very annoying and frustrating – and this was just one of those days. The wind was whipping the clouds up and over the ridge (right) and I was finding it hard to stay on my feet. Time for Plan B – Teno Alto will still be here another day.
TenerifeSo I wandered back to the car, and decided to go in search of blue skies. I drove along the remarkable Masca road which winds its way down into a vast, dramatic ravine and up the other side to reach the start of our Guerges Trail – a ridge walk that heads out to the coast for fantastic views over the sea to the island of La Gomera. It's a straightforward there-and-back walk with some rocky sections, but easy to follow as cairns mark the route. The views really are outstanding as you walk high above the surrounding barrancos, and the terrain is made all the more appealing – at this time of year, at least – by the brightly coloured flowers of the cacti that are everywhere. And the weather? It was wonderfully warm, not a breath of wind as it is so sheltered here, and not a cloud in the sky – well, that's not quite true! Looking back to Teno Alto, I could see the ridge was still shrouded in its own little localised storm (below)!
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Alison H
That is the beauty of having a hire car on Tenerife, or in fact any of the canary Islands - you can always go in search of blue skies!
14/06/2011 10:31:13

Steve J
Nice work - adapting to Plan B, Peter!
14/06/2011 10:22:16

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