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Who are you supporting?

Well, it’s about to kick off! Any moment now, in some centre-circle of a far-off foreign field, the 2010 World Cup will be underway, so – whether you’re a diehard footie fan, or a more occasional follower like me (well, I am a Leeds United fan) – you’ll be getting ready to urge on your team, and your nation, of choice.

Are you, like a few Scots I know, planning to cheer for ‘Anyone But England’? Or are you shamelessly flying the flag of St George from all four corners of your car and garden shed? For my part, I’ll be shouting for Mr Rooney & Co tomorrow evening as they take on the USA in Rustenberg, but there are a couple of other teams I’ll be putting my voice behind, too.

One is Ghana – not because I think they’ve got a realistic chance of winning the thing (especially as their star player is now sidelined), but because I managed to pull the ‘Black Stars’, as they are known, out of the hat for our Inntravel World Cup Sweepstake! My ‘other’ team is Slovenia, so I’d better explain why…

To generate a bit of football fever here at Inntravel, back in March we teamed up with the Slovenian National Tourist Board, and pledged to offer a refund of between 25% and 100% on either of our two Slovenian cycling holidays if Slovenia reaches the quarter-finals or beyond. Those who’ve booked our Slovenia’s Secret Corner or Lakes & Valleys of Slovenia holidays could even enjoy a week’s cycling holiday for FREE if the Slovenes, coached by the charismatic Matjaz Kek, win the tournament!

So why on earth am I supporting Slovenia? Well, I’ll let you into a little secret: we decided to take out insurance against having to pay out the cost of these free holidays! So, for the price of a relatively small premium, we can now cheer on Slovenia without worrying too much about Inntravel’s bank balance. In fact, I really hope they do win, so that we get the best return on our investment (although I wouldn’t be too upset if England won instead!).

So, if you’re not lucky enough to be on one of our European holidays over the coming four weeks, it’s time to nail your colours to the mast, sit back and enjoy ‘the beautiful game’…

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It's Italy for me. I love the place, the people, the food, so I'll cheer on their team too. Wish I was going to be there on one of your holidays right now though!
11/06/2010 17:54:17

Well I'm a Scot supporting Mexico - on the perhaps tenuous basis that I love Mexican food...
I wouldn't mind England doing well, it's just the thought of the media giong on about 'Summer of 2010' for the next forty years that is the problem!
11/06/2010 15:15:33

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