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Welcome to the innsider...

welcomeHere at Inntravel, we’ve decided to launch ourselves into the ‘blogosphere’, so we’d like to wish you a very warm welcome to our first post! We’re not quite sure what a blog is ‘supposed’ to say or do – in fact, we’re not even sure that we particularly like the word ‘blog’ – but it seems like a great opportunity to tell you what’s going through our collective heads from time to time.

We see it as a great way of sharing our thoughts with you, whether they be comments on various travel-related items in the news (that Icelandic volcano is still very fresh in our memories), what we’ve found on our latest trips overseas, where we’re planning to go next, or what some of our staff might have been getting up to.

We hope that you find our musings interesting, and occasionally thought-provoking… who knows, you may even be tempted to ‘comment’ on our posts from time to time. If you are, then please don’t hesitate to do so! We’d love hearing what you have to say, and enjoy getting your views on some of the subjects that are closest to our hearts.

Inntravel office Anyway, after what seems like days cooped up inside, we're inclined not to sit around blogging for much longer today… let’s take things easy to begin with! It’s nearly home time, in any case, and, if the rain holds off, we quite fancy a stroll across the fields and a pint at the local pub.

Do come back soon… and enjoy the blog!

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Mike & Claire
What a great idea! Congratulations on a very professional effort. We look forward to one day being able to have another excellent Inntravel walking holiday. Best wishes to you all!
12/06/2010 12:40:42

Steve (Inntravel)
Thanks for the feedback, Sara - hope you enjoy it!
10/06/2010 23:21:19

Sara Underwood
The blog looks great! Congratulations!
09/06/2010 18:25:59

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