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      June 2010 > We hate hotel star ratings!

We hate hotel star ratings!

Es Torrent, MallorcaThis might sound a little controversial, perhaps hypocritical, even - particularly as we tend to mention our hotels’ star ratings on our website - but we do… we HATE hotel star ratings!

Why? Well, as many of you will know, they tend to be awarded on the basis of some fairly factual - and often pretty meaningless - criteria. You know the type of thing: having hairdryers in dressing-table drawers, the number of minibars, the size of the bathrooms, and so forth. What they don’t take into account are things like the warmth of the welcome you receive from the hotelier; the authenticity and uniqueness of the location and accommodation; or even things to do with the environmental and sustainable practices the hotels follow… in short, the things we attach the most importance to when we go out to select our hotels, and the aspects which we know most of our customers really appreciate.

Douar Samra, Tamatert, MoroccoSome of them, in fact, tell us that they actively choose the holidays in our collection featuring hotels with three stars, two stars, or even no stars at all (like the wonderful Douar Samra in Morocco - pictured, right)! This is because they know that we’ve taken the trouble to hand-pick the places which ooze local character and flavour, and realise that smaller, family-run accommodation is often much better at delivering this than some larger, more efficient establishments.

That’s not to say that we don’t offer some wonderfully characterful hotels which also have fully deserved four- and five-star ratings. We do, and possibly the most highly praised hotel in our entire portfolio - the quite simply fabulous Hotel Wiesenhof in the Austrian Tyrol (pictured below) - is one such example. It’s just that we take the official star ratings with a very large pinch of salt, and suggest you do, too.

What do you think? Some customers have suggested that we should even abandon star ratings altogether… or perhaps come up with our own alternative system. We’d love to get your views, so please leave us a comment below or send us an email.

Hotel Wiesenhof, Pertisau, Austria 

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