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      July 2010

Moroccan spicesLast week, I attended a workshop given by the Moroccan Tourist Board in London. There were the usual presentations and some surprising insights into the culture and heritage of this amazing land, after which we had lunch. And what a lunch it was! The smells and aromas of the North African spices had begun to pervade the hall long before we were led to the dining room, whetting our appetites for what lay in store.
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Fantastic Faroe IslandsWhat an amazing place! What extreme landscapes! What a dramatic coastline! Where am I talking about? Well, it’s somewhere new to me - the Faroe Islands, where I’ve just enjoyed a walking and camping holiday. I decided to go by boat, catching the ferry from Esbjerg in Denmark - and I think I made the right choice. Read the full post
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A wonderful array of stalls and produce at London's Borough MarketI visited London’s Borough Market for the first time last week - what a great place to while away a few hours, slowly ‘grazing’ your way from one colourful stall to the next...
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Soller's historic tramWhen I was at school and university, I seem to remember that whenever I came out of an exam feeling confident, I’d always end up disappointed with the results - and, conversely, if I came out feeling like I’d let myself down, I was pleasantly surprised by the marks. Very rarely, if ever, did I walk out of the exam hall full of confidence, and then open my results letter weeks later to find that I had actually come top of the class. Read the full post
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