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      July 2010 > Our man in Spain

Our man in Spain

David Lanfear enjoying a well-earned break on the coast of Almeria, SpainIt’s always a fun time for us when one of our overseas consultants comes to visit our North Yorkshire offices - no more so than when the consultant in question happens to be our good friend - and all-round nice guy - David Lanfear.

David’s role is our ‘man on the ground’ in Spain and Portugal, travelling from place to place, checking walking routes, writing notes, visiting hotels and sampling restaurant recommendations (well, someone’s got to do it!) in the company of his delightful partner, Linda, who just happens to be Inntravel’s staff photographer. While David walks and talks, Linda is busy capturing the essence and heart of the places they visit in images that will hopefully inspire you to follow in their footsteps. You will have seen many of Linda’s wonderful photographs gracing the pages of our brochures and website over the years and our photography holiday in Andalucia is also run by this intrepid pair.

David Lanfear checking the routeEvery year, David and I get together and discuss ideas for new holidays - sometimes it’s an area we’ve not covered before, or we’ve heard that the walking is good or where there’s a great hotel that’s ideal for Inntravel. Once back in Spain, it’s up to David and Linda to load up their camper van and hit the road, seeking out the quiet corners that we hope our customers will enjoy exploring. It’s something of a nomadic existence, but it suits David and Linda perfectly as they have a great love of the outdoors, a real sense of adventure and a natural affinity with the people and landscapes of their adopted home.

While he is here, David also takes the opportunity to talk to Inntravel staff (see below) about his role and about his forthcoming trips. He is a very entertaining speaker and his tales of strange encounters with cattle, chance meetings with octogenarian hunters and startling discoveries of the weird and wonderful are fast becoming part of Inntravel folklore. For anyone who has not heard David speak, his accounts of how he puts our holidays together is well worth travelling far to hear. (In fact, David is to be a guest speaker at a travel show Inntravel is organising in mid-October at a great venue in Newcastle - watch our website for forthcoming details.) We do not buy our walks ‘off the shelf’ - they are created from an idea, the pieces all carefully coming together like a jigsaw puzzle - and contain a lot of blood, sweat and tears (usually David’s!).

David Lanfear sharing his years of experience with new members of Inntravel staff

(Some of you may remember David as our on-board ‘entertainments officer’ who travelled back from Spain to the UK earlier this year with a coachload of intrepid Inntravellers who had been marooned on the Iberian Peninsula by the volcanic ash cloud. Inntravel don’t do ‘reps’ but we couldn’t have wished for a better one at that traumatic time!)

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Wendy Dudley-Evans
David is my Uncle. He always has something interesting to say about somewhere. His father was the same, my Grandfather. Keep up the good work, you too Linda. Still hoping to join them on a photographic holiday sometime.
09/08/2010 23:02:24

Peter Williamson, Marketing
Glad you enjoyed the photography holiday with David and Linda. David will be delivering a presentation for us at the Trinity Centre in Gosforth on 14 October - keep in touch and we'll make sure you get an invite. More details to be posted on our website soon.
04/08/2010 11:13:26

David Lawrence
I hadn't laughed so much for years as when listening to David recount some of his tales on the recent photographic holiday in Andalucia. We had a great time - just a pity I can't add a photo of David in action here. It would be great to catch up with him when he is in Newcastle. David.
03/08/2010 22:16:43

Steve Jack, Marketing
Thanks for your comment, Brian. Funnily enough, one of our staff has just come back from Ireland, so you never know!
27/07/2010 09:16:21

Brian Whelan
Enjoyed following David in Spain, Wish you had a man in Dublin.
27/07/2010 02:06:42

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