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Inntravel - the movie

Moody skies over North YorkshireThe idea that a picture paints a thousand words – thought to be based on an ancient Japanese proverb – was voiced in Ivan S. Turgenev’s novel of 1862, ‘Fathers and Sons’, in which a character says: “The drawing shows me at one glance what might be spread over ten pages in a book.”

Over the years, we have used lots of images – literally thousands of photographs (rather than drawings) – to illustrate our walking holidays and cycling holidays in our brochures, website, advertising and a host of other written and designed material to good effect.

We know that a well thought out photograph can show you, in an instance, how spectacular a certain view will look; how spacious your hotel bedroom will be, or how far it really is to the sea. After all, the camera never lies…

Still from Inntravel videoSo imagine, then, how much more ‘descriptive’ a film could be? Quite often it’s a sudden fleeting glimpse of a landscape that triggers the desire to visit that place, whether that glimpse is a photograph in a book or on the internet, or seen during a film or TV programme you might be watching. That’s why we commissioned a series of short videos to illustrate the Inntravel experience, from the terrain you discover on a walking holiday and the traffic-free trails on a cycling holiday, to a look round some of the hotels you will stay in.

You may also even have seen our TV ad (now showing on More 4, Blighty and Eden) while watching ‘Yellowstone’, ‘Railway Walks’ or ‘River Cottage’, amongst others, (it will run throughout February), or perhaps you’d like to learn more about ‘slow’ holidays and the importance – and pleasure – of taking time to immerse yourself in local life, customs, culture and cuisine while you’re away. Alternatively, join Richard Hammond, founder of Greentraveller, as he undertakes our ‘Grand Tour of Switzerland’ journey by rail to get a virtually real (or is that an oxymoron?) idea of this fabulous holiday experience. (It’s worth watching simply to hear the catchy background music!)
Misty Morning, Vale of York

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