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      January 2013 > On top of El Teide

On top of El Teide

Walking holidays in Tenerife

If you go on our walking holiday that explores northern Tenerife you simply must climb to the top of El Teide. I say 'climb' but you can actually take the cable car most of the way up. When you get out there are a couple of paths that have been created through the lava that are smooth, paved and easy to follow, one going out to a fabulous viewpoint overlooking the north-east of the island, the other leading off in the opposite direction with views right into the old crater of Pico Viejo with La Gomera straight in front of you and, if it's clear, El Hierro beyond that.

However, the best walk is the final 200 metres to the very summit of the volcano. For this you need a permit – but these can easily be obtained from home by email BEFORE YOU SET OFF. They are FREE and all you need to do is click on the link above and follow the instructions. You will need to specify a day and time as the Park Authorities are strict about how many people can walk to the summit at any given time.

As for the walk itself, it’s very straightforward. The path is easy to follow and stepped in the steeper sections. You are told by the Park ranger on the gate how long you have – about an hour and a half – which is more than enough for the average walker (I was on the top in 35 minutes). Yes, it’s a bit steep in places but it’s not really vertiginous.

One thing you must be aware of is the altitude. This is, after all the highest mountain, not just in the Canary Islands, but in all of Spain. It affects people differently, so don't rush. Give yourself plenty of time to rest once you reach the upper cable car station before your final assault on the summit.

And what views! The whole island is laid out before you – north-east to the Anaga Peninsula, south across the vast caldera, and out over the sea towards La Gomera and La Palma. It’s simply breathtaking! You can even see the curvature of the earth (below)– you are so high up and there’s nothing to obscure the horizon in any direction. Is it worth doing? Absolutely! So book your permit before you set off to discover Tenerife & El Teide. You won’t regret it… Walking holidays in Tenerife

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