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      January 2013 > Inside the volcano

Inside the volcano

This really has to be the ultimate sightseeing trip.

Clambering onto an open platform and being lowered deep inside the magma chamber of a volcano. Sounds crazy perhaps – but that’s exactly what you can do in Iceland this year.

The volcano in question is Thrihnukagigur, located just 20km from the capital Reykjavik, and, from 15 May to 10 September 2013, intrepid travellers will be able to descend 380ft on an open cable lift (see below) down to the base of the magma chamber – after a 3km walk across a lava field.

(Vertigo sufferers, please click here >)

On either of our two standard walking holidays to Iceland you could easily add an extra night or two in Reykjavik – something we already heartily recommend – and add this to your list of ‘things we really must do while in Iceland’. (On our 14-night Iceland’s Highlights holiday, time in Reykjavik is already factored in.) Please note: this excursion must be booked with the organisers well in advance. Click here for more details and information on how to book.

It is currently the only place on Earth where a volcanic magma chamber is accessible and safe to explore. Talk about memories to last a lifetime

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