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      January 2012 > Northern Lights Light Up North

Northern Lights Light Up North

Northern LightsWho says it’s grim ‘up north’? Not at the moment, that’s for sure! After some rather exceptional solar activity, the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, have been seen as far south as Yorkshire - as we reported back in September. (I wish I could say I’d seen them myself, but no such luck.)

I did go out the other night – it was pitch black and very cold. The stars were very clear in the night sky above – but the orange glow emanating from the street lights of York to the north ruined even the slightest hope of seeing the Aurora.

Northern Lights, TromsoI should have planned it better and made the effort to drive up onto the North York Moors or Pennines, well away from any city or major conurbation. I should have taken a flask of coffee and a sleeping bag, chosen my spot and sat and waited, camera at the ready. But I didn’t…

Just think – if we can see them from Yorkshire, imagine how much more spectacular they must be – and more commonplace – if you’re on a winter break in the snow and ice of the Arctic Circle. Have a look at these images which were taken over the last few days near Trømso in northern Norway – simply breath-taking. We actually have several customers on our Northern Lights winter break in Trømso at the moment – I do so hope they get some great photos and, more importantly, come away from this unique experience with memories of a lifetime.

After all, the further north you are, the better the chance of seeing them and the more wondrous and colourful the display is likely to be. We also have customers right now in Reykjavik, on another winter break that includes a special guided excursion which goes in search of the Northern Lights. Scientists are predicting that in 2013 they will be at their maximum intensity. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting ready now…

[Photo: Atle Benun at Destination Trømso]

Northern Lights above Tromso
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