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      January 2012 > See 'Cold Play' in Norway

See 'Cold Play' in Norway

Bardola Hotel, Geilo, NorwayAnd now for something completely different… music that will chill you to the bone! Well, that’s not strictly true – it’s the musicians who will feel the cold as the instruments they play are all made from blocks of ice.

Great slabs of ice are hewn from the nearby lake and then carved with chainsaws to make functional, musical instruments, like the harp pictured below.

Every January, the Ice Music Festival continues to entertain and delight audiences in the small town of Geilo, set amid the majestic mountains of Hardangervidda in western Norway. Now in its seventh year, this wonderfully imaginative festival goes from strength to strength with concerts performed in a series of 'igloos', created specially for the festival each year.

To appreciate these skilled musicians for yourself, visit Geilo in mid-January and spend a few days at the high quality Bardøla Hotel (above). After a day enjoying your snowy surroundings on any number of outdoor activities, return to the village for a hearty meal and warming drink before attending what is deemed to be ‘the most unique musical celebration in the world’. (Pre-book your festival tickets here.)

Ice harp, by Bjorn Furuseth

Photo courtesy of Bjørn Furuseth / Destination Geilo

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