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      February 2013

Walking holidays in SpainJulian Pitt-Rivers wound his way up to our sierra in the early 1950s. A welcome in the local bar and a round of drinks was all it took to persuade him to settle and begin his ground-breaking book, ‘People of the Sierra’.  Turning its pages today, somehow life doesn’t seem so different. Glistening white villages still ring the silver sierra linked by a lacework of intricate paths that remain the lifeblood of rural life. Read the full post
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Self-guided walking holidays in FranceTwo men meet on the street. They exchange greetings and begin to talk. They’ve known each other for years. Their families are linked through marriage several generations ago. Today, the talk may be of the town council’s plans to restrict parking on market day; of the operation a friend’s wife had on her leg a week ago, and the weather – it’s unusually warm... Read the full post
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The year is 1973; the place northern Brittany. It’s been a bumper year for agriculture, not just for pig farmers like Alexis Gourvennec, but for arable farmers, too. The perfect combination of sunshine and rain at exactly the right time has led to storesheds bulging with artichokes and cauliflowers – and here in Britain, we just can’t seem to get enough of them. Literally. But why not?

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