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      February 2011 > Sicily revisited

Sicily revisited

SicilyI got married 25 years ago and we went to Sicily for our honeymoon, staying at the ‘Grand Tour’ resort of Taormina on the north-east coast, with the iconic shape of Mount Etna towering beyond (see below). We had a wonderful time, enjoying great weather, fantastic cuisine and plenty of romantic walks beside the deep blue sea. We think about it a lot and, although the memories have faded a little over the intervening years, it will always remain one of our favourite places. I often wonder if it’s changed at all. Would I recognize the views? Would I remember places we’d spent such happy times?  Well, this year I’m going to find out for myself - yes, we’re going back...

Antiche Saline, Nubia, SicilyWe’re actually going to be staying in Scopello, Ficuzza and Nubia on a discovery of the tranquil coast, temples and islands of Western Sicily. The western end of the island is very different from Taormina, more unspoiled, with lots of history to uncover, the best of Sicilian cuisine and some great hotels. I’m looking forward to staying at the Hotel Antiche Saline in Nubia, a beautiful 4-star hotel (right) built on headland with far-reaching views over the glistening white salt pans and red-roofed windmills. It was originally a farmstead built around a central courtyard where livestock would have been kept safe at night. Nowadays, this open area is a delightful place to relax and eat beneath shady parasols.

We hope we’ll get chance to explore the Zingaro Nature Reserve near Scopello and maybe even take a trip over to the Egadi Islands but the most important excursion we make will be a trip down memory lane to have dinner at our honeymoon hotel in Taormina (below). I’m excited enough already but I know, as the date of departure gets closer, it will become almost unbearable. I’ve often thought that we should have gone back for a holiday to Sicily sooner, but the waiting is almost over and I can almost imagine that hot Sicilian sun on my back…

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