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      December 2012 > Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

Walking holidays in the UK First the floods, and now snow and ice. I suppose there's no use denying that winter is well and truly here. Such weather conditions make it difficult, to say the least, for people who work on the land and for those who have to use footpaths on a daily basis. Not to make light of recent problems, but it curtails walking as a leisure activity, too, though for many this is more than just 'leisure' - it's a passion that needs satisfying.

Mind you, if you have managed to get out recently, you can't have failed to notice how muddy the countryside is. I've just returned from Midlands where I was walking a new route to add to our Castles of the Shropshire Marches holiday.

And boy, was it muddy! Although the county escaped the worst of the floods it was still very wet. We saw flooded fields and the raging River Teme that flows beneath Ludlow Castle but we didn't have to make any detours to reach Offas's Dyke, the Kerry Ridgeway or Bury Ditches Iron Age hillfort. With the right clothes on (everything is better with the right clothes on) walking in winter can be fantastic fun - cold and wet on the outside, maybe, but snug and warm inside. Talking of which, the great thing about Bishop's Castle in Shropshire is that two of the pubs brew their own beer, The Six Bells and The Three Tuns, the latter (pictured below) claiming to be the oldest brewery in the UK.

So it doesn't matter how wet you get (boots dry out) or how cold you feel (a roaring fire will soon warm you up), there's always the promise of a quiet, cosy pub, a pint of local ale and a hearty meal to look forward to at the end of the day.

Now that's more like it....
Walking holidays in the UK

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