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      December 2010 > Is it snowing where you are?

Is it snowing where you are?

Horses near Castle Howard YorkshireWell, December's here and it seems to be snowing all over the country - apparently, the satellite images for the UK show only one small area of green in southwest Scotland that has (as of yesterday) not had any snow at all yet.

Does this fill you with anticipation and excitement about your forthcoming winter holiday; are you still deciding where to go? - or are you already thinking ahead to spring and summer and a holiday beneath sunny skies? I suppose it may depend on what experiences you’ve had so far this winter, and whether or not you see snow-covered landscapes as magical or simply something to endure.

Castle Howard in the snowWe've already had our fair share of snow here at Inntravel - see the view south from our office, above - and we love it, as it gives us the chance to talk to you about our fabulous destinations for holidays in the snow across Europe.

However, getting in can sometimes be tricky - our offices are situated just off the main York to Scarborough road near Castle Howard (see right). The A64 is pretty flat but there is a small winding road to negotiate to cover the last couple of miles, which needs extra care in the snow. Our team comes from every direction, many having to tackle narrow country lanes that rarely see a gritter, although local farmers are often seen pushing snow ploughs ahead of their tractors. It can be frustrating and it obviously means setting off in plenty of time, but so far everyone seems to have arrived unscathed. Whatever the weather, we're here ready to talk to you about your holiday ideas so give us a call to make the most of winter. What's it like where you are?

Take care out there and drive safely. Keep it slow…

The road to Castle Howard from the Inntravel Office:
Monument Farm, Yorkshire

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Well, I did attempt the narrow country roads (minus grit). I got half way to work, thought better of it when I couldn't see the road anymore, and turned back - only to grind to a halt half a mile from home. Luckily, a friendly stranger in a passing 4x4 volunteered the services of her two young passengers who pushed the car out of the drift with great good humour. I do love snow - in our ski resorts....
01/12/2010 13:01:27

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