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      August 2011 > Andalucia to Iceland part 3: Cork & Pork

Andalucia to Iceland part 3: Cork & Pork

hamsOnly an hour and a half into the journey and, just past Seville, we already have to make a detour. We head over to the Inntravel holiday base in the Aracena Sierra, where we need to look for a new hotel. Much of our work consists of breaking new ground and setting up new holidays – but, equally, we must maintain and improve the holidays we already have. And we’d heard of a lovely casa rural (village house) in Almonaster. (The name is Arabic – any word beginning with Al, meaning ‘the’, is of Arabic origin – Algarve, Alicante, Al Jonson, Alkeseltser, Al Capone ... No, seriously, the Algarve at one end of the Iberian Peninsula and Almería at the other, for example, mean simply the West End and the East End.)

The Aracena Sierra, our destination, presents a furry, bumpy landscape – rounded hills covered in cork oaks. But, of course, like all oaks, the cork trees produce acorns which are ideal for the Iberian black pigs to feed on, so this is a double industry – cork and pork. The pigs give us the famous legs of ham, jamón serrano, cured in the cold mountain air, which you see hanging from hooks in many bars of Spain, with little inverted parasols jabbed into the bottom of them to stop the fat dripping onto the heads of the waiters (although I’ve heard some of them use it instead of Brylcream).

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Steve J
Me too, Gisela! I quite like(?) the idea of Iberico pig fat replacing brylcreem...
19/08/2011 11:07:34

Sitting here watching the rain and listening to the thunder, I would happily change places with anyone on the photo.
07/08/2011 17:23:20

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