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      August 2011

PyreneesNow we are entering France. There are many ways to cross a border. The last time we crossed this one was on foot – and in the opposite direction, from France into Spain. We had climbed a long, steep valley out of France into the Pyrenees, with marmots whistling from their holes. It was a stiff climb and I spent it worrying about what vertiginous experience was awaiting me at the top. However, when we reached the summit we found ourselves on top of a wide plateau. Read the full post
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GuitarYesterday evening we ate freshly caught fish on the terrace of a harbour-side restaurant in Zumaia – 30 minutes down the hill from Elena and Mark’s house. We slept by a cove with the sound of the ocean pulling at the pebbles. Today’s an investigation-of-the-landscape day. Linda has left me in the van and set off intrepidly along the clifftops into the early morning sun, lugging her 2-kilo camera and even heavier tripod, and leaving me to my own devices – which is not usually a good move. Read the full post
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House above ZumaiaNext stop – the Basque country. Reaching the north of Spain, we turn along a rugged coastline of dramatic cliffs towards France. Here we have still to choose a hotel for the holiday, and have a list of possibles which Linda has drawn up after trawling the internet while sitting in our mobile office. We finally choose a gem. It’s a house set in gardens on a hill overlooking the harbour town of Zumaia. Read the full post
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Charming rural hotel in Burgos provinceWe are on a tiny back road to Santander. Linda knows that more climbing is involved, but is humming nonchalantly like Winnie-the-Pooh when he suspects that Heffalumps are around. We have taken this back way many times before (but by car) to catch the ferry to Britain, and have fallen in love with an area south of Cantabria which is an amazing labyrinth of towering limestone canyons, separated by high, flat wild lands. Read the full post
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Segovian villageThe van makes it to the top, but Linda’s looking a little on the pale side. I think that if anything breaks down, it won’t be the van, but Us. At the top of this dramatic climb, lie the vast central plains, with tiny, remote villages like staging posts. We are heading into the province of Segovia, soon entering a softer landscape of rolling green fields, strewn with bulbous kidney-shaped granite boulders. A long range of mountains, the Guadarama, stretches alongside like the jagged back of a dinosaur. Read the full post
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