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      August 2010 > Islands within islands

Islands within islands

Dubrovnik, CroatiaIt’s been a while since I’ve been on what we call a ‘fam trip’ here at Inntravel, but it’s important for all members of staff to familiarise themselves with as many of our holidays and destinations as possible. Sometimes this means re-walking routes to ensure our notes are as up-to-date as possible, or, as in this instance, visiting the hoteliers and taxi drivers, etc, we work with to make sure they’re happy with things and that they still meet the required standards of our holidays.

And so it was that Kay (Regional Manager for Italy, Slovenia and Croatia) and I set off for the Balkans, our destination Croatia and our first stop the truly beautiful medieval walled city of Dubrovnik - the ‘pearl of the Adriatic’. I’ve long wanted to visit Dubrovnik and our first sight of this remarkable UNESCO-designated city was well worth the wait - an almost aerial view from the hilltop above showing the walls and fortifications and impressive seafront in all its grandeur (above). We enjoyed a lovely evening here, wandering around the narrow, cobbled streets that are lit with flickering torches to enhance the romantic, almost magical atmosphere, culminating in a delicious dinner of black seafood risotto, the rice dyed with cuttlefish. Absolutely delicious!

From Dubrovnik, we moved on to the island of Korcula and Korcula Town (a miniature version of Dubrovnik) - and walked right into the middle of the island’s traditional Half-New-Year celebrations - a lively festival of masked balls, costumed parties, and lots of music and dancing. Held on 30 June to celebrate the end of half a year, it finishes well into 1 July. What a great idea! (I wonder if it’ll catch on back in the office?)

The Benedictine Monastery on the Great Lake, Mljet Island, CroatiaFinally, we moved on to the island of Mljet - which proved to be the real highlight of our trip. This beautiful island has endless opportunities for sightseeing, walking and exploring - and great views from our hotel in the small seaside town of Pomena. After chatting with the hotelier about how his hotel fits into our walking holidays in Croatia, we took a short stroll through the trees to Veliko Jezero (the Great Lake) and boarded a small boat out to the island of St Mary to visit the former 12th-century Benedictine monastery (right). It was breathtaking - serenely calm, with only the chirping of cicadas for company, the sun beating down on the amazingly turquoise waters of this spectacular salt-water lagoon.

That evening, we returned to the hotel to enjoy a refreshing glass of Korcula’s famous Pošip Cara white wine, while the sea lapped gently on the shore - the perfect end to a perfect day.

View from the hotel, Mljet Island, Croatia

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Julia Myatt
Reading this makes me even more enthusiastic about going to Croatia next year!
12/08/2010 12:00:10

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