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      April 2016 > Arthur’s cycling challenge

Arthur’s cycling challenge

Family cycling holidays in Mallorca

A short while ago, we were contacted by Anthea Westbrook, who asked whether we might be able to contribute towards her son Arthur’s fundraising campaign.

The family, she explained, were soon to embark on an Inntravel family cycling holiday, Quiet Lanes of Mallorca, in order to explore one of the island’s secret southern corners, and Arthur – at the tender age of just 7 – had set himself the target of cycling 100km during the trip!

As well as being impressed by Arthur’s commitment, we were drawn towards the excellent cause he planned to support, and so readily agreed to make a donation on behalf of Inntravel. The campaign – known as TeamGeorge – had been set up to raise funds for George Robinson, an 18-year-old family friend of the Westbrooks who had broken his neck and severed his spinal cord playing rugby last summer. Through the campaign and its fundraising activities, George’s family and friends hope to raise awareness of his situation, and to help meet the costs of his future specialist care and equipment.

Family cycling holidays in MallorcaThe Westbrooks have now returned from Mallorca, and Anthea got in touch to report: “We're home having had a fantastic time! Arthur covered 145km and has raised over £1000 for TeamGeorge (smashing his targets of 100km and £200)!”

She also sent a few photos from the holiday, and was able to update us on the fundraising campaign itself: “We are delighted that George has just got a special wheelchair that can elevate him to a standing position. This means that, in time, he will be able to stand at the bar and share a pint with his friends, instead of sitting in a wheelchair looking up at everyone.”

As a quick look at the charity’s facebook page will testify, a great number of friends and supporters have already rallied to the cause, and #TeamGeorge T-shirts, hats and wristbands have been sported far and wide – from Norfolk to the Maldives, and from Manchester to... Mallorca!

So we would like to warmly congratulate Arthur on his achievements – both in terms of his cycling challenge and his fundraising. We would also like to wish George well over the coming months, and have promised to share the link to Arthur’s campaign page (open until 18 April) should you wish to make a contribution yourself. Here it is:

Thank you!

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