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Self guided walking holidays in Europe

We recently talked to a number of travel bloggers to find out their best tips to #KeepSummerGoing and prolong that ‘summer holiday’ feeling.

Self guided walking holidays in EuropeAt Inntravel, this is something we’re very conscious of, and we have a wide selection of trips to warm locations around the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands that are perfect for a sunny autumn or winter break. Here are some suggestions from our bloggers…

Take a Dip in an Outdoor Pool:
Jaklien at Passport and Toothbrush says one of her best tips to keep the summer going is to head to an outdoor pool. Even though it might give you goose bumps just thinking about it, Jaklien says “there’s nothing that screams summer more than swimming outside.” There are several heated outdoor pools around the UK. Her top spots for heated pools are Hampton Pool, London Fields Lido in Hackney, and Charlton Lido in South-East London.

Self guided walking holidays in EuropeTake Advantage of Fine Autumn Days:
Carly from Adventure Mummy says that when we do get some nice sunny days in the autumn months, we should make the most of them. Crisp autumn days give us the perfect opportunity to get out for a walk or to go to the park. And, if you work up a bit of a sweat while you’re walking, it will feel like summer all over again!

Indoor Picnics:
If the weather won’t allow you to go outside, an indoor picnic is a perfect alternative, Carly explains. All you need to do is to grab a blanket and put on a picnic spread in your living room.
Add some games you would normally play on a day out and it will feel just like a summer’s day.

Give Your Menu a Taste of Summer:
Self guided walking holidays in EuropeClaire from Tin Box Traveller raises a good point about our food habits while on holiday. We usually enjoy some wonderful local dishes while we’re on holiday, so recreating that gorgeous pasta dish you had during your trip will bring back some lovely memories of your time away. There’s also nothing wrong with having ice cream any time of the year, so why not raid the freezer as well?

Book Your Next Break
All of the bloggers agreed that thinking about your next trip away or looking through brochures to book your next holiday is a great way to keep those summer feelings alive. Booking a sunny break during autumn or winter gives you something to look forward to and can ease the transition through the seasons.

You can read the bloggers full list of tips on how to #KeepSummerGoing here:

Self guided walking holidays in EuropeHow to keep that summer feeling going: Passport and Toothbrush
Tips on how to keep summer going: Adventure Mummy
Banish those post holiday blues: Tin Box Traveller

We’d love to hear your top tips on how you #KeepSummerGoing. Head over to our Facebook page or let us know via Twitter.

And don’t forget to find out more about our winter holidays to the Canary Islands. This endlessly enjoyable archipelago off north-west Africa offers ‘winter sun’ and so much more: through us, you can seek out these islands’ quiet corners and hidden stories, and can enjoy sunny trails under glorious blue skies, making them the ideal ‘escape to the warmth’.

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