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      September 2011 > Andalucia to Iceland part 13: The Catch

Andalucia to Iceland part 13: The Catch

Danish moorlandWe slept by a lagoon last night and are now wandering up the western coast of Denmark. We stop at one of several harbour towns and nose about, looking at the fishing boats. What is it about harbours and boats and water that attracts us all? We wind up for lunch at a small resort, where holiday-makers come but fishermen still carry on their timeless chores of dragging their boats down the beach at five in the morning and hauling them back up in the afternoon. We watch them empty their catch out of the small but deep wooden boats – mainly plaice and crabs. I’m amazed to see that the bodies of the crabs don’t count – the fishermen, dressed in high-waisted rubber trousers held up with braces and wearing rubber gloves, are methodically twisting the claws off the crabs and tossing them into crates while their bodies are unceremoniously dumped on the sand for the seagulls to fight over.

I can’t leave this Danish Whitby without having fish and chips. As we sit at a wooden table outside the seafront restaurant, with our eyes on a gadget that will flash and bleep when our lunch is ready, I know something is very different here – different from Whitby and certainly from, say, Cádiz, our local port/resort back home. There must be forty people sitting out here, and yet it’s extremely quiet. In Spain, a quarter of that number would create a complete racket.  No one seems sad or bored – there’s just a contented stillness about them. This quietness and stillness draws us in and we decide to stay for the rest of the day and sleep by the beach.

I take a long walk along this endless beach to the next fishing hamlet, musing on the fact that we have nearly completed the first part of our journey. Tomorrow it’s Hirtshals, from where, at last, we take the boat for Iceland.

Danish coastal scene
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Am thoroughly enjoying following your expedition!!!!
07/09/2011 22:07:40

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