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      January 2011 > Blue skies in the Alps

Blue skies in the Alps

Sunny in the AlpsLast week, we drew your attention to the fantastic weather and clear blue skies in Alicante at the moment. But it's not just in southern Europe that the weather is fine.

If you watched "Ski Sunday" on BBC 2 yesterday, you'll have seen the blue skies they're also enjoying in the village of Wengen in the Swiss Alps, which was hosting the Men's Downhill.

In near perfect race conditions (according to the commentators), Klaus Kroell of Austria won an exciting race down the famous Lauberhorn course, with Swiss skier, Didier Cuche in second place.

Away from the course there isn't much snow cover yet but with colder weather on the way, the ski villages and centres across Europe are hopeful that there'll be plenty of snow for the rest of the season - good news if you're planning, or heading out on a holiday in the snow this year.

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