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      April 2012 > Where the sun never sets

Where the sun never sets

Guess what time of day this picture was taken? It's broad daylight, there's not a cloud in the sky and the sun is streaming across the crags. A small convoy of campervans has come to witness one of nature's spectacles, in this instance on the Lofoten Islands of northern Norway, way above the Arctic Circle. (A similar phenomenon occurs in the southern hemisphere, too, but Inntravel don't go there - yet.)

Midnight Sun Lofoten Islands Norway

The photograph was actually taken in late-May at a small settlement called Uterkleiv (appropriately, 'Under Cliff') on the western edge of the Lofoten Islands in the middle of the night at about 1.30am! What you're seeing is the remarkable effect of the Midnight Sun - i.e. 24-hours of daylight. At this time of year - and there is no better time to make your Journey to Å or to spend a week or two on a walking holiday at the Lofoten Cottages - the sun never sets. In fact, the nearest the sun gets to the horizon can be seen in the picture below - taken, incidentally, a few moments before the one above. Just one more reason - as if you needed any more - why these dramatic islands must be on your holiday wish list. See more images here >

Midnight Sun Lofoten Islands, Norway
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