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CappadociaThere was a fascinating documentary on TV last night about how the little-known Hittite civilisation came to dominate what is now Turkey, parts of Iraq, Iran, Syria and Lebanon in the 14th century BC.  They were powerful enough to form alliances and treaties with Egypt and yet had disappeared virtually without trace by the 7th century BC… Read the full post
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Segesta, SicilyWe’ve all heard of the 'Seven Wonders of the Ancient World' – but can you name all seven of those remarkable man-made constructions that date from classical antiquity? No, neither could I, so here’s the full list: Read the full post
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Snow in Cappadocia, TurkeyThere were torrential rain storms to avoid in La Palma; landslides to dodge in Tenerife; freezing temperatures and snowfall to endure in Cappadocia, central Turkey; and flooded rivers to cross in the Dordogne. But don’t worry - this is (hopefully!) not the weather you’ll get on an Inntravel holiday, merely a sample of the weather conditions I and my colleagues have experienced in recent years when travelling out of season to various destinations to prepare our walking notes for the coming spring and summer.

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Rob in Uchisar, TurkeyI have to say I was quite thrilled when I was asked to accompany a colleague on a trip to Cappadocia earlier this year. Central Turkey was not a region I knew well, but as I began to seek out information and images of the area prior to going, I soon became enthralled and fascinated by the strange landscapes of tall, white rock-capped pillars that litter the countryside around the so-called troglodyte town of Göreme. Read the full post
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Edinburgh VaultsScotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is another historic British city well worth a long weekend (at the very least) to explore (see my previous blog, walking the walls of York). We were there at the weekend, travelling by rail to Waverley Station, a short stroll from our hotel just off the Royal Mile. It may have rained all weekend, but there are plenty of places to escape the weather in this wonderful city...

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