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VeniceWe’ve recently returned from a trip to the Balkans - with a wonderful stop-over in Venice on the way there - to visit our hoteliers and get a feel for the regions our walking holidays in Slovenia explore. Two younger colleagues, Craig and Elizabeth, and I were guided by Inntravel’s irrepressible agent for Italy, Slovenia and Croatia, the ever-smiling, enthusiastic Carla.

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Soca River, SloveniaI wasn’t really sure what to expect when I was invited to join a small group of colleagues on a trip to Hidden Italy and Slovenia. We flew to Venice, which was everything - and more - that I’d expected it to be, but Slovenia was a completely unknown entity to me. All I knew was that Slovenia had a decent football team but I doubted that had anything to do with the Soca Valley, where we were heading! Read the full post
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Well, it’s about to kick off! Any moment now, in some centre-circle of a far-off foreign field, the 2010 World Cup will be underway, so – whether you’re a diehard footie fan, or a more occasional follower like me – you’ll be getting ready to urge on your team, and your nation, of choice.
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